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New Bike Day

New Bike Day

Photo of my Cervelo R3.

The story of how a Cervelo R3 Disc came into my life.

I thought my wife was trolling me with a perfectly calculated strike that I would have never seen coming.  Perhaps the perfect blindside? 

My winter training program had me in the basement five nights a week for the past five months.  Putting in the time on my trusty twelve-year-old dura-ace equipped Argon18 Gallium.  This bike has seen some serious mileage including years securely mounted in stationary trainers.  It is my trusted road bike and was the next in my quiver slated for upgrade.  I’ve spent time over the years researching and pricing out a replacement and had pretty much decided on what that bike would be.  Realistically I knew that a road bike upgrade wasn’t in the cards for another four years.  Sigh.

I had just finished a workout and left the pain cave in a post workout stupor.  That’s when it happened.  My wife said those words that sent my mind into mass confusion.  Did I just hear what I thought I heard?  Had I bonked during my workout?  Not a chance.  The words I’ve heard just don’t compute.

“Why don’t you go see Freddy at Dutch Cycle and see if he can help you out with a new bike? One that will help you reach your goals a little better.”

I don’t recall specifically how I reacted to her saying this or exactly what my reply was.  I do remember that my mind exploded into a sort of diagnostic mode, running scenarios that included every possible reply and potential fallout from said reply.  I had only a split second to react and say something.

My reply had to be something nonchalant that sounds mutedly excited and thankful, yet cautious just in case she really didn’t mean it.  Play it cool just in case she does burst out laughing, wide eyed, pointing at me as she exacts her sweet, sweet revenge for all of those times I’ve caused her to drop to the ground in her ‘flight’ defense mechanism after scaring the shit out of her.

Like I said, I don’t really remember what I said but my wife did not immediately burst into the previous scenario I had just ran through my mind.  In fact, she seemed satisfied with my response.  Interesting.  Honestly I just let it go.  New Bike Day wasn’t going to happen anyway.

A few hours later I was in the garage with my daughter collapsing boxes for the recycling bin.  The garage door swung open and there was my wife.  “Could you go get some milk when you are done out here?” would be along the lines of what I was expecting to hear.  Instead she drops “Fat Man” on me. 

“You know I would be willing to put $800 towards your new bike.  That would be your Father’s Day, your anniversary and your birthday present combined.”

Repeat previous thought process but this time it’s mixed with emotions that this has a real chance of happening.  For the next few hours I rolled around the short conversations in my head.  I concluded that I needed to text a few my trusted advisors.  They all immediately replied with the very same answer after my longwinded text explaining what is happening.

It’s a trap!”

It’s hard to argue with them.  I mean this stuff just doesn’t happen.  But it feels real.

The next day my wife texts me midafternoon to see if I went to see Freddy at Dutch Cycle.  I still feel like this could end up being the ultimate troll.  I told her that I hadn’t but would tomorrow.

The next day I was banging on Dutch Cycles door to see what they had.  I had set my minimum standards for my next road bike to include hydraulic disc brakes and a Shimano 105 drivetrain.  On my radar was a Specialized Roubaix but what I was really interested in was an Argon18 Krypton.  Luckily Dutch Cycle had just picked up the Argon18 line again and there were some Krypton models coming in.  The looks of the Krypton were sort of along the lines of an ugly duckling.  But it was unique in town and that really had my interest.

Freddy was at the shop and I quickly rattled through the chain of events which had happened over the last few days.  I told him what my first two choices of bikes were along with my minimum requirements and we went to work.  Freddy knew my bike fit needs very well and quickly started going through the bikes that he had in inventory that met my specs and fit needs. 

To my excitement the Argon18 Krypton was on route from Quebec and there were some Specialized Roubaix’s in stock.  However, there was one bike that came out of nowhere that met my criteria, but (ashamedly) it was a virtual unknown to me.  Freddy informed me he had a 2016 Cervelo R3 disc with a Shimano Ultegra drive train and hydraulic disc brakes just hanging around.  New old stock! 

Freddy ran the fit numbers and specs on the bike.  It met all of my needs and would fit me.  Of course I knew what a Cervelo R3 was, but it just hadn’t crossed my mind as a possibility.  The game was in play, wait for the Argon18 Krypton to show up and I would take the Cervelo to test ride in the meantime.  Just give him a day to apply my fit to the bike and come get it.  Ride it.

That night I let my wife know that there were two bikes as possibilities and she still didn’t unleash the revenge I was still expecting to rain down on me.  It seems this was for real!  New Bike Day was going to happen.  Holy S#%&!

My first ride on the Cervelo was quite simply mind blowing.  It seemed effortless, responsive, could it really be more stiff than my Argon18 Gallium?  Of course it was.  I was hooked but I wasn’t quite ready to admit it yet.  After all the Argon18 Krypton that I had researched, and was at the top of my list, still hadn’t arrived.  I had to consult with a few people and talk this through. 

After the conversations had played out it seemed that, on paper, the Cervelo R3 was truly a no brainer even though it was a 2016 model.  After all I’m replacing a twelve-year-old bike!  

Over the next few days I did what I do, research and learn about products that I’m about to invest in.  It was surprisingly difficult to find solid information on the Cervelo R3 from 2016.  Eventually I learned the pros and cons of the bike and discovered a dangerous website along the way.  The things people were doing to their bikes here was ridiculous but intriguing.  Reading this website was like watching a train wreck, but you could learn a lot from this horror.   May have even picked up a new appreciation for things light weight.  I digress…

After a solid ride with my friend Terry it seemed I had made up my mind.  I was even excited about the black on black paint job, something that I didn’t think I was a big fan of in the past.  After a few meetings with Freddy at Dutch Cycle we had ironed out all of the little modifications and fit adjustments that were needed.

By now I knew that my wife wasn’t trolling me.  Although if she was trolling me, somewhere through the process she had taken pity on me.  There was still the task of asking her for the money she had offered towards the bike.  I prepared for the discussion like a ‘Wilson’s Bird of Paradise’ prepares and performs for a potential mate.  My song and dance must have been on point as my wife handed me her credit card!

Off to Dutch Cycle!

Even though the Argon18 Krypton had not arrived I had let Freddy know that the Cervelo R3 was going to work for me.   Freddy grinned a sly grin as he knew all along that the Cervelo R3 was the better bike, especially on paper.  To top it off the VISA was not expired and the transaction went through.  Cha-ching! 

Thank you to Freddy and Shawn of Dutch Cycle for all of your help along this journey.

Most of all thank you to my love who wasn’t trolling me.  For supporting me in my lifestyle, fitness and community building goals.  It is because of your generosity that I get to celebrate another “New Bike Day!”